5 Insider Tricks To Maximize The Value Of Your iPhone Trade In

by Bruce Friedman on November 25, 2014

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iPhone Einstein Has Partnered with Technollo To Help You Responsibly Sell Your Used iPhone (and Other Smartphones) This Holiday Season.

2014 has seen a big jump in consumer attitudes around selling their existing phone to partially, and in some cases totally, cover the cost of an upgrade. But maximizing the value of your trade-in phone can be tricky so iPhone Einstein has partnered up with Technollo.com to help with some insider tips on how to be safe and get the most value from your once loved smartphone this holiday season.

Buy The Right Phone.  When purchasing a cell phone you should consider what it might be worth when you sell it. A recent survey conducted by Technollo of over 300 models shows that what you buy, and what carrier you buy it from, has a big impact on how much it will be worth when you sell it.

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iCloud Unlock Your iPhone. Probably the biggest impact to value is selling an iCloud locked versus unlocked phone. Since iOS 7 Apple has made resetting phones by third parties expensive. iCloud unlocking your phone is easy, only takes a few minutes and can increase the value of your iPhone by more than $100. If you don’t know if your item is locked or not you can check it through the Apple website.

You can unlock your iPhone or any other IOS device by:

  • Signing into your iCloud account 
  • Click “All Devices” to open a list of devices linked to your account, then select the device to be removed. It should show a gray dot or the word “Offline” next to the device name.
  • Click “Remove from Account” to remove the device from your account.

Do A Hard Reset & Erase.  According to Technollo President Armando Filoteo, up to 60% of phones arrive with personal data still intact.

“We take careful steps to remove the data on the items that come to us, but other vendors may not be so cautious.” Says Filoteo. “When you hand your precious iPhone to a clerk at Best Buy or at a carrier store, do you really know where it is going?”

Take a few minutes to back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes and then hit the reset. You can find the reset in your iOS device under “Settings->General->Reset-> Erase All Content and Settings.”

Send Multiple Phones. One of the easiest and least know insider tips to bump up the value of your iPhone is to sell more than one at a time. Processors like Technollo incur a cost for every package that comes in. Most return kits will accommodate multiple phones, so when you send more than one phone at a time ask for a better deal. You will be pleasantly surprised how accommodating they can be for this simple change.

Get a Promo Code. During the Christmas season iPhone buyback programs are competing for your business. Most processors are running promotions and all you have to do is ask. The awesome folks at Technollo have sent us a promo code for those of you considering selling your iPhone or other smartphone this season. At checkout enter EMC2 for your bonus!

Have a great holiday and be safe out there!

Resource Guide: 5 Phones That Will Retain Value in 2015 (And The Carrier to Buy Them From)



SanDisk made a USB flash drive for the smartphone you can’t buy yet

by Chuong Nguyen on March 2, 2015

SanDisk made a USB flash drive for the smartphone you can't buy yet

SanDisk is preparing for the smartphone future with the a new Dual USB Drive with Type C connector. As future smartphones and tablets are expected to launch with the new reversible USB port, the SanDisk Dual USB Drive allows users to store information and move files from the drive and their computers, smartphones and tablets.

The 32GB flash storage drive has built-in connector tips for both a full-size USB and Type C ports so users won’t need to carry additional cables or adapters.

The Dual USB Drive is similar to SanDisk’s iXpand Flash drive for the iPhone and iPad. One connector of the iXpand Flash can plug into a full-size USB port on a computer while the other end can connect to an iPhone through the Lightning tip. The iXpand Flash is now available with a 128GB maximum storage capacity. The Dual USB swaps out the iXpand Flash’s Lightning tip for a USB Type C.

Both the Dual USB Drive and the iXpand Flash are essentially USB storage drives that can plug into either a computer or a compatible smartphone. This allows users to copy files from the PC or the phone to the drive for backups and to free up limited storage.

Betting on the mobile future

While phones with USB Type C ports aren’t readily available on the market yet, Strategy Analytics predicts that 12% of handsets will feature the connector by 2016. USB Type C will replace the standard micro USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port on smartphones today, providing for faster transfer speeds.

The Type C port is also believed to be headed to Apple’s unannounced Retina MacBook Air and Windows 10 devices.

For consumers, the biggest gain with the Type C plug is its reversible design. Similar to Apple’s design for the Lightning connector, Type C doesn’t have a top or bottom end so you can plug in the tip without even having to look at the orientation of your cable.

The 32GB SanDisk Dual USB Drive with Type C is available worldwide starting in the second quarter. Pricing information is not yet available for the Dual USB Drive.

SanDisk’s iXpand drive is available now in capacities of 16, 32, 64, and 128GB for $59 (£40, AU$80), $79 (£55, AU$105), $109 (£75, AU$145), and $199 (£130, AU$260) respectively.

SanDisk is also targeting smartphone owners with a new higher capacity microSD card. Up from the 128GB maximum today, SanDisk’s new 200GB Ultra microSDXC card brings more storage space to smartphones and tablets. The 200GB card is slated for a launch in the second quarter with a $399 (£260, AU$515) price tag.

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