Galaxy Note 4 developer edition headed to Verizon

by Harish Jonnalagadda on October 23, 2014

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has consistently offered developer editions of its handsets on Verizon, and is continuing the tradition by announcing the Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition. Samsung did not list a launch date yet, but the list price of the handset at $662.53 is more affordable than the $699 asking price for Verizon’s carrier variant.

The developer edition comes with an unlocked bootloader, and does not feature any of Verizon’s bloatware. What you get instead is Samsung’s TouchWiz and the ability to tinker with the device as you wish. The low asking price is the icing on the cake, considering that several carrier variants are retailing for much higher. For instance, AT&T is charging $799 for the carrier-locked variant of the Galaxy Note 4 on Amazon.

Anyone interested in picking up this variant once it launches on Verizon?

Source: Samsung; Via: GSMArena


Xiaomi may manufacture phones in India

by Harish Jonnalagadda on October 23, 2014


After achieving a considerable amount of success in the Indian market since making its debut earlier this year, Xiaomi is now looking into opening a manufacturing facility in the country. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, India head Manu Jain stated that Xiaomi’s legal team were investigating the regulatory hurdles involved in setting up a manufacturing plant in the country.

We always thought that our manufacturing would be based out of China. But India is beginning to become so important for us that we started to think whether we should set up our own manufacturing.

Jain added that it would take Xiaomi at least six months to estimate whether a new manufacturing facility in India is feasible. To date, Xiaomi has sold over 500,000 handsets in the country via flash sales on Flipkart, with most sales ending in under five seconds. The main complaint against the vendor has been its inability to meet the sheer demand, which could be rectified by creating a factory in the country.

As for upcoming handsets, the Redmi Note is said to launch in the country within two months, followed by the Mi 4.

Indian readers, what do you think? Should Xiaomi set up a facility in India to manufacture phones?

Source: Wall Street Journal