fahrerbewertung.de: Trusted “How’s my driving”-concept from the US wins over Germany and is now open to investors

by Business Wire on August 28, 2014

fahrerbewertung.de: Trusted “How’s my driving”-concept from the US wins over Germany and is now open to investors

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BONN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 28, 2014–

In the US there are millions of drivers who have their driving behaviour monitored, either by means of telematics technology or a “How’s my driving?” sticker. Studies have shown that this practice has reduced accident rates. The website fahrerbewertung.de [drivers rating] successfully initiated a similar concept in Germany in March and it has already generated over a million licence plate searches on the site.

The feedback after launching www.fahrerbewertung.de and the associated iOS and Android apps was overwhelming: Within the first two weeks the app saw 20,000 downloads and the website recorded 1.5 million hits. In the first three months after the launch, a quarter of a million licence plates were rated. To ensure that this dynamic in the initial phase is sustainable and to implement other developments and promote sales, it is now necessary to raise additional growth capital.

“We were astounded by the success of our service”, explains Arno Wolter, CEO of fahrerbewertung.de. “This topic clearly hits a raw nerve as is demonstrated by the high number of visitors returning to our website, at over 50%.”

As a result of its early success, the project has been spun off to a separate company “Initiative für sicherere Straßen UG” [Initiative for Safer Roads] by its inventor, Bo-Mobile GmbH in Bonn.

The business idea

To date fahrerbewertung.de has operated as a not-for-profit website. But the movers and shakers behind the portal have great plans for the future: They have developed various business models that will provide advantages both to website users and potential partners. An analysis of the relevant market has identified target groups covering nearly 20 million potential customers.

To generate ongoing growth in terms of user numbers and revenue and to start wide-ranging cooperation, fahrerbewertung.de is now open to investors.

The founders

Three brothers who can confidently be called internet pioneers are behind fahrerbewertung.de. Since 1998, the Bonn-based brothers have been operating internet portals, such as www.handytarife.de, www.vergleichen.de, and various other websites for both B2C and B2B purposes. As a business IT specialist, business manager and journalist, the brothers have the core competencies for planning, developing and successfully operating online projects.

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fahrerbewertung.de – Initiative für sicherere Straßen UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Initiative for Safer Roads Limited
Investor Relations
Herr/Mr Wolter
Tel. +49-(0)228-522-79991

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Bayer HealthCare starts its own accelerator – and it’s better than you expected

by Felicitas Hackmann, VentureVillage on August 28, 2014

Bayer HealthCare starts its own accelerator – and it’s better than you expected

Bayer HealthCare appears to be the first pharmaceutical company to have started its own accelerator. The company that made €18.924 million in turnover in 2013 “understands that innovation and healthcare cannot only be driven by the industry but also needs creativity,” said Christian Ullrich, Head of Marketing & Sales IT at Bayer HealthCare yesterday.

Bayer has partnered with universities and smaller companies before and last year started Grants4Apps, a crowdsourcing initiative. This year, it was turned into an accelerator.

Altogether it received around 70 applications. A jury of experts selected five from all over Europe to participate in the 3.5 month long program. Each startup receives €50,000 as financial support, meets mentors every other week, and get free office space at the Bayer HealthCare HQ in Berlin.

The pharmaceutical company, however, does not take more than 10% equity in return.

Compared to other healthcare accelerators, Bayer provides around twice as much financial support. Most others give $25,000 for about 6% of equity.

While you might expect the accelerator to be a small side project for a long existing company such as Bayer, that’s not the impression we got yesterday.

Before starting the pitches, Reinhard Franzen, senior vice president at Bayer HealthCare, welcomed the audience and underlined that this step in innovation is taken seriously inside the company. “150 years ago we were a startup ourself,” he states. Franzen later explains that innovation is happening, and Bayer wants to be part of it by supporting startups.

Before the five minutes pitches, each team’s mentor from Bayer introduced them.

The Startups

Cortrium: A C3 device that is designed to assess body surface temperature, activity and respiration rate. In addition, it has a three channel ECG to screen and diagnose cardiological diseases.

PharmaAssistant: To assure that people don’t forget to take the right amount of medicine at the right time, PharmaAssistant is a medication container that communicates with a patients’ smartphones. It sends push notifications as reminders.

Parica: Paric wants to develop a contactless detection system to analyse vital signs and make recommendations to specialists such as pharmacists. The team and idea is still very early stage.

FabUlyzer: The wearable uses a nanotechnology sensor to find out how much fat was burned after workouts.

Cardimoni: “A doctor in your pocket” is what the startup calls its smartphone app that lets users check their heart rate and regularity of its rhythm at the same time. This will be done with a one minute recording through the android phone camera.

The Kick-off Event

The event itself was definitely not traditional. The event was very well-organized, giving the impression that the accelerator has been in the startup scene for years. When commenting on the Wi-Fi, one speaker said, “not to bitch about it, but just network and find better connections between each other.”

It was the whole package: informative talks, an engaging program, even the right music. Top that all off with burgers, veggie hotdogs, spanish beer.

Badges were designed as pill boxes and the program printed as a package insert.

It’s still unclear if there will be another edition of Grant4Apps. This is a test, and not only the audience but also Bayer HealthCare will have to see what will happen in the next 3.5 months. The startups will present at a Demo Day in early December.

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This is the LG G Watch R

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LG G Watch R specs

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